mlk I am so happy to have a three day weekend.  I almost forgot about the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday.  I heard a talk about him yesterday and I ended up hand lettering my notes.  There was so much I didn't know about him until I listened to that talk.  So much many of us didn't know or forgot about.

Here are some highlights:

  • He would be 85 years old this year and he became a pastor when he was 22.
  • This is his 50th anniversary of winning a Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The bus boycott lasted 381 days.
  • In the founding days, W.E.B. Dubois was the only black member of the NAACP and Rosa Parks was their secretary.  Being that the group was primarily white at that time, that influence helped give the movement even more momentum.

He was such an amazing and brilliant man.  The fact that he was able to remain peaceful through it all, unfathomable.