Painting Color Basics with my Kiddo

It’s summer, it’s hot and I was in the house with my two little daughters, 4 and 7. I used to paint with them all the time but it is more sporadic now. So just imagine my surprise when my oldest said, “I want you to show me how to mix colors mama!”. I was ecstatic, so I jumped at the opportunity and captured it for memories and for you. Hope you enjoy!

If you’d like me to teach you color theory and more, I have an online color mixing workshop where you can do just that and you can also book a 1 on 1 session with me over here for an hour or over here for longer than an hour.

Watercolor is the absolute best and that’s why I started up an Etsy shop and teach it too. I just can’t get enough. :)

Have a great one!



How to Deal with a Creative Slump

I've been feeling a little down in the dumps.  Inspiration and creativity come and go, comes with the territory a bit.  I found an artist that completely inspired me but at the same time made me doubt what I was doing.  That's all my little protective positivity dam needed to spring a little leak and then a rushing river of negative thoughts came pouring through.  

I needed to make it stop and quickly so I thought about what I would do if this happened and I was still in college.  I would walk up to my professor and I'm pretty sure he or she would say, "What do you like the most about this other artist's work? Break it down and get back to basics."  So that's exactly what I did.  I took screen captures of this artist's work, put them all into a Word doc, printed it out in black and white.  

The thing that I felt the biggest slump about was composition and adding more elements to my pieces.  So I went back to basics, The Rule of Thirds, and I drew little grids over the artwork.  This was so helpful in showing me what I wasn't able to see on my own just by looking.  Bigger element here, smaller complimentary elements here and they are placed here because of where they fall in the grid.  The basics.  Once I worked on that for a bit, I started sketching again and ideas started to flow.  Not immediately but the point is that they did.

Always remember to push yourself, there is always something new to learn.  Even if it is the basics and you have "been there, done that", do it again.  And be kind to yourself.  I think artists have the worst negative self talk, we are brutal sometimes.

What do you do when you get into a negative funk spiral?  

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