He got me good.

Around 4 p.m. last Sunday, the boy proposed and I said yes.

I was just happy to finally be getting away from the unpredictable blizzards and craziness of Colorado for our two year anniversary. So looking forward to leaving without a peep on a two day vacation to New Mexico. Little did I know that my guy, Raul, had different plans.

On our second day in Sante Fe, I was on a new mission of finding something cute to take back home. I figured this item could not be a corny shot glass or something of the like. I was fixated on rings. Something cute, dainty, and rustic. So I dragged him all over and in and out of stores looking for just the right one. Sightseeing was fun, but I was definitely on a mission. That day we had gone into the plaza, checked out galleries, and horseback riding was a possibility. He had never been so that was extra exciting. We found the ranch and were late to our appointment, but we were still able to ride.

The wind was crazy and I started to give up holding my bangs in place. Raul trailed behind the instructor and me. We just took in the gorgeous view from the mountainside. After the ride we stopped by the flea market since it was closing in 30 minutes. Everyone was putting away their merchandise so I wasn't able to find any rings there either. We decided we were pretty hungry so we parked back at the hotel and walked to the plaza again.

The wind was still blowing hard and when we hit the plaza, Raul wanted to sit down. I sucked my teeth and said no way, we can rest at the restaurant. Man how I regret that decision now. We kept walking and he noticed some people selling items down the way. So we walked over there and sure enough they were selling bracelets, necklaces and rings. I met a woman who sold the most beautiful rings with clean designs so I sat down and checked them out. After awhile I chose two turquoise rings and we left.

Again, walking past the plaza, Raul wanted to sit on a bench. So I huffed, "Fine", and we sat. I always wear a ring on my ring finger on my right hand so the only other finger free for my new rings was my ring finger on my left hand. I quickly put one on and checked it out. He said, "You can't put that there, people are going to think you are married." I just said I didn't care and when the time came, I'd move it. He asked to see it so I took it off and let him check it out. Then he wouldn't give it back. After awhile he did give it back, but he asked for it again and he put it in his right hand. He was sitting behind me on the bench and said, "Let's practice how it will be when I ask you." I said okay and he told me to close my eyes. I felt the ring slip on my finger, opened my eyes and instead of my new turquoise ring, there was the diamond solitaire engagement ring we had picked out together 500 years ago.

I was in shock and so happy. A huge smile was on my face and I hugged him tight. The huge smile is still there.