The Best Watercolor Books for Beginners

It can be tricky to learn watercolor. Just diving in and seeing what happens is fun but if you want more structured advice, these books are awesome.

These are the books I would give as gifts if a friend showed the tiniest bit of interest in watercolor. Love, love, love!

The Joy of Watercolor - super cute lessons with everything from flower bouquets to human figures in an illustration style

Water Paper Paint - lessons from an abstract and mixed media perspective, love!

Watercolor Painting - this book goes over fundamentals about how watercolor is made, mixing puddles and side by side photographs and works so you can see the full process

Watercolor Solutions by Charles Reid - amazing style and an extremely unique take on watercolor. Goes over how to work through common watercolor problems.

Comment and let me know what watercolor books you love. Have you read any of the ones mentioned here? I'm dying to know and I want to start a resources list down below. :)

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