Day 6

I completely forgot to write about the favors we gave at our wedding.  I wanted to give something that was alive and something crafty so we came up with these potted succulents.  Picked out our faves and they were so cute.  The one pictured above is one of the ones we gave to my mother-in-law.  It's grown much taller in the meantime but imagine it was only as tall as the bottom layer when we gave it to her.

We bought all the tiny planters and trays.  Then I got some black acrylic paint and a stencil to paint all of the Bs on.  On the back towards the bottom I painted the date.  We picked out all of the succulents and kept them at my parent's for safe keeping.  My mom has the brightest green thumb of anyone I know so she was in charge of planting all of them (thank you again mom!).  She ended up gluing the trays and the planters together with some super adhesive.  But before that we decided on a sealant spray and finish so all of the planters and trays had to be sprayed first.  The result was exactly what I envisioned.

The final touch was adding a shishkabob skewer with the guest's name on it.  Ta da, wedding favors.  Easy upkeep, super cute and represents the letter B very well.  They were a hit.