How Ya Durn?

How your mama durn? It's 5:48 in the morning and I can't believe I'm up. This shift is going to kill me. Times like this I can't wait until I graduate and won't have so much of a balancing act going on. Who knows, maybe this will be as light as my load will ever be. I went to my interview on Thursday and it went great until a current events quiz was pulled out. Didn't do so hot on that. Everything else was great though. I came early, answered his questions clearly, took a tour of the news station, etc. By Friday I was exhausted but I still went to my parents and took my first stab at sewing. My Mom and I headed to WalMart to get some dummy fabric to test on and it's coming along. I hope the knitting needle case is very cute and functional. Later that night my brother called asking if I could watch my niece since he works the graveyard shift. So I had her from 8am - 3:30pm on Saturday. What a day!! Thank God for McDonald's hot cakes. That was two meals for my niece so we didn't have to leave the house and I got to clean my whole place. She was a great little helper but she's in the asking stage. "What is this for? Where did you get this?" When it was time for her to be picked up we were both happy. I took advantage of the warm evening weather and went to a local park. I'll call it "Dodge Poop Park" because that's exactly what you have to do. They provide baggies for dog poop and there's a lot warnings and stern words about leaving dog poop in the park. But there are geese at this park and I swear there is poop every inch. Disgusting. So I walked around the park twice for some exercise and just to clear my head, taking pictures along the way. (will post later) It was an excellent day for pictures.

Sunday I hung out at home and had time to work on my store. Taking pictures and getting it to look the way I want. Now I need to figure out how to implement the actual store tidbits. "add to cart", "view cart", etc.

Yesterday I had an interview with a different news station and there was some confusion because I don't want to be a videographer. I can't even see myself running around with a camera on my shoulder trying to tape interviews and such. Carrying around 70-80 lbs of equipment all the time just isn't my passion. I guess you could say I'm more into still photography and graphics. So once that was out on the table the conversation leaned towards graphics. That department has never had an intern and it would be exciting to be a part of that group. I can't wait to hear back from them.

Things are unfolding at a fast pace and I like it.