Quite Cozy

Hello.  I'm picking up speed now and I'm almost done with the alphabet project.  It's exciting.   There is nothing like finding a new art technique.  Keeps things from getting stagnant.  I feel most comfortable at home and in my office now that everything is more settled.

I've been making the house extra cozy with pillar candles and votives all over.  Bonus if they smell like sweet treats.  The warmth inside goes well with the chilliness outside.

We'll be going out into the chilly stuff soon because my parents are coming over.  Dinner at Chili's tonight.  Presidente margaritas and fajitas on a Wednesday?  Yes please! 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, yes please!  Double cheeseburger was good good good.


I've made a set of the fall photos.