My Favorite Day

random doodle in my moleskin I think Fridays are my favorite days. I work on Fridays but nothing beats the feeling of leaving work and knowing at that moment my weekend is starting. So glad it's the end of the work week!

In a nutshell, yesterday was nuts. I had a 4 hour gap between getting off work and going to my interview downtown so I had to waste time without wasting gas. So I went to La Ti Da and hung out for awhile. I didn't buy anything (yes!) and I tried to set up some time with one of the employees so they could show me how to seam. The owner quit her other job so she'll be more available. I have to call her to see when we can meet up. After that I went back into the HEAT and browsed a vintage shop downtown. I love them because they have funky fabric scraps. I couldn't find anything that matched the fabric I had bought earlier so I had to buy 4 more fabrics. They're cute and flowery. Now I can make knitting needle cases from my book! I'll work that out today.

It was too hot so I was 40 minutes early to my interview. I just wanted to get there and sit inside without worrying about traffic but the interviewer brought me in at 6:00 when my interview wasn't until 6:30. I think it went well and I'll know for sure if I got it next week. It sounds like a good experience to jump in the news vans with professional photographers and go to different sites with them. I could learn a lot.

I knew I was tired but I didn't know how tired. After reading about grilled cheese sandwiches here, I had them on the brain. So I made a Pepper Jack grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. It was delicious and it had a kick. I'm not usually into "kicks" but I liked this one. When I was almost out the door this morning I saw the cheese on the counter. I left the cheese OUT overnight! I guess I was more tired than I thought. *sigh*

P.S. -The challenge for this week is sunset. I'll have to hook that up tonight.