I'm not sure why but this fall is just something else for me.  I've never taken it in this much and it's clearly showing on my blog.  I can't help taking more and more shots and posting them here.  I know I need to change up what I'm shooting, this is getting old.  My apologies. This is a shot from a walk I took this weekend.  The trail is finally re-opened!

I haven't had much time to myself to just sit down and draw and "do my thing".  That's changing this week because I'm on overtime strike.  If there is one thing I miss about school, that's the completley uninterrupted time I had to just work on assignments and zone out.

Color theory is one of the things I want to push myself in and get better at so I'm focusing on it more.  Along with printer research I have been curling up at Barnes and Noble a lot lately checking out children's books, art technique, colors, etc.

What are you challenging yourself with lately?