IKEA, Hurry Up

18 months.  That's how long it's going to take for IKEA to get here.  I'm bummed.

We're almost to a point where everything has a place and some order in our new home together.  I've been saying I was going to hold out for getting storage and desks for the office from IKEA but we can't wait that long.  I'm eager to take pics and show the painting we've done.  Not sure if you're still interested, I've taken forever.

Soon, soon, I promise.


Currently Drooling Over:

Door Sixteen - I used to follow her back in the day when she had a different site about beauty and more.  Now she's back with a new site focused on restoring her home.  Welcome back Anna!

Shootsac - My current camera bag is killing my back.  If this Shootsac bag just happened to show up in my Christmas stocking I wouldn't be disappointed!  Plus there's a blog, got to love that.