Bobbi Brown

Yesterday was full of cooking, baking, and more cooking. Did I mention it was hot too? It was very hot and I had the oven on for 3+ hours. I cooked my dinner, baked the cake for the potluck, and baked marinated chicken (half hawaiian and half teriyaki) for dinner tonight. Before coming home and doing all that I stopped by the library for design books, went to the mall for some lip tint, and the store for ingredients for the cake. This was all in hot steamy heat and wearing heels. Ugh. When I went to the mall the sales woman let me know Bobbi Brown was coming to town on August 19th!! I need to hurry up and find out the details so I can request time off immediately. I love her make up and approach to beauty. I ended up buying this lip tint in Black Cherry and I love it so far because it has peppermint in it and it's not sticky. A nice hint of color which is extra nice since it's summer and too hot for thick lipstick. I'm not into thick lipsticks that much anyway.

Now I can meet her and beg her to bring back Scoop. It was the best chocolatey/strawberryish shade of lip gloss. Whatever I love always seems to get discontinued or "repackaged". grrr

P.S. - Yeah! I just went to Sugar Cubed and saw that another Stitch N Bitch book is being released!!! I was just thinking about that the other day. Can't wait!!