Getting Out Of Dodge

How you doin'? :) It's July 1st already?? The summer's almost over. I can say, "I start school next month". Gulp. I can also say my birthday's next month (August 9th). So I take the gulp back :) So many things have happened. One thing I'm really excited about is getting out of Colorado. I'm getting out of here on Saturday and I'll be gone for a week. A family emergency has come up (nothing bad) so I have to leave for California. I'll be able to have In N Out, El Pollo Loco, Don Jose, etc!! Hear that Liza? In N Out!!! I wish I had time to go everywhere like the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and other places. Next trip. I want to take up another knitting project now that I know I'll be on the road. The sale is still going on too. So tempting ;)

I've been running around here and there getting things done. I went back to the yarn store and got help with one of my surprises so it's finished. Now I have one more surprise to work on and I'll be done with all of the surprise maddness. I just felted my booga bag last night and I had weaved the ends into the knit side because I thought it would look better to have the wrong side out, matching the bottom. Now that it's felted I wish I hadn't done that because the knit side is too cute. Is it too late to re-weave the ends in? I don't like making mistakes. As for the skully, I may design something else on the sleeves instead of a skull. I have 13 inches of the back done though and the yarn feels good! Progress. Look, someone changed theirs into a Hello Kitty sweater. Not my style but I like to see people deviate from the original pattern.

When I was on my way to the yarn store the other day, I saw a sewing machine shop. I stopped in, looked around, and was quickly overwhelmed by all the different models. I wish I had the money for that right now. A sewing machine would be great and the salesman has a layaway plan. Another tool for creativity.

The brainstorming has continued for the camera fund. Things are being created and I'm starting to get excited and anxious.

You should be able to buy some of my art prints (some framed) and other things soon. So stay tuned!

edit - Holy crap, another 26 things has been announced. I haven't even finished my Q&A. I'm a slacker. :(