Full Plates

I'm longing for Jamaica lately.  Here's a little glimpse into our world.

  1. Raul's dad went back to Colombia so we're missing him like crazy.  He texts that he's thinking about us almost every day.
  2. My brand new sister-in-law, Edith, is moving to Canada soon so bye bye to my brand new niece Carolyne and spanking new nephew Nicky.
  3. Raul's car isn't in the best condition lately so we've been sticking with one car.  Checked out the Mazda 3 this weekend and it drives like a dream.  Definitely going on our dream car list.
  4. Raul and I are working a minimum of 12 hours of overtime per week so that's tiring in itself.

There are more positive things going on too.

  1. Chloe had her baby shower today so soon we'll be able to meet Baby William.
  2. The photos are ready but we don't have the CD or anything.  I will be sharing photos soon.
  3. I found a new book series that I'm devouring, can't put down.  But I'm paranoid and don't want to share for fear someone will tell me too much.  So stay tuned.  :)
  4. Air conditioning is a blessing.  It has been crazy hot out here which I love but woah, could melt without AC.