mini test bouquet Told ya I am a bad blogger. Ok so Raul and I didn't live together before we got married. We each own our own condos so now we are really merging stuff, re-organizing, etc. While squeezing in some quality time with friends and family. It's nuts! But we see the light at the end of the tunnel so it's coming along.

I couldn't stand the chicken photo one more second so here's a post for little 'ol you. Our professional photos aren't ready yet when they should have been ready two to three weeks after the wedding. I'll post about the wedding in bite size pieces, so here we go.

The day was absolutely perfect.

I wish I had known how great everything was going to turn out so I didn't waste any time worrying. But what bride doesn't worry? ha! My wedding flowers were phenomenal. We got so many compliments, it was ridiculous. :) I knew I wanted something bright, different, no cascading sprays, round, but not gargantuan. Texture was a big must too, just interesting. So we came up with proteas, pink peonies, berries, green roses, cymbidium orchids, and I can't remember the names of the little reddish orchids. Spider? Not sure. My two bridesmaids had the same bouquets as I did, just smaller. The flower girl was my 9-year-old niece Carolyne. She wore a wreath of mini roses and some greenery. She looked like a fairy. She carried a small pomander with the same flowers.

I wore my hair in an up-do with white dendrobium orchids. Raul's boutinerre matched my flowers, so he had a cymbidium orchid with berries. I think the two groomsmen had little flowers with some greenery. The same for our dads and I need to see photos to remember what our moms wore.

In the chapel we had mason jars filled with the same flowers mixed in with some different ones on every other pew. They were delicately tied with ivory ribbon. In a last minute panic I decided to get a garland for the front of the chapel. We really didn't need to go there though because we got married at The Chapel at Red Rocks and the backdrop was breathtaking. That little garland did nothing for it and little flowers dropped off during the ceremony. Barely noticeable, but it happened. No big whoop. :)

Our florist was a superwoman because she set up the reception site, a country club, ran to set up the wedding, then somehow got the mason jar flowers back to the reception site before we arrived. It was seamless. There were square flower arrangements on every table with tea lights.

It was amazing. I think we've thanked the florist about 50 times. So glad we didn't skimp on the flowers.