even smaller It's late and I really need to go to bed but I had to update with something. The other day I thought I was getting a shot of a baby bunny. Turns out I was wrong, the other day I saw two teeny tiny fit in the palm of your hand sized bunnies. Adorable. But they are destructive little guys, I hope they survive our security guards at work.

I thought I was going to get to go home without working any OT but late in my shift the email went out saying OT had been extended.  So I quickly snatched up two hours of extra pay and went to run errands.  I think I'll give myself a cutoff date on the OT or I will be dead come time for the wedding.  The other day my body had a mind of its own and instead of stopping to run an errand, I ended up at home.  And I stayed there.  Crazy how your body can go on autopilot sometimes.

Time for bed. Goodnight.