ripped OT is back in effect so I've worked 12 hour shifts since yesterday.

I'm getting burnt out but we need to work hard now, play hard later. Crossing items off of our wedding to do list is the best thing ever. We had some crazy weather this week. Could have worn a skin baring summer shirt on Tuesday and then Wednesday it was a mini blizzard. Last night left a pretty scene of fluffly snow on bare branches this morning and today was the day I didn't bring my camera to work.


Need to get some rest so I can bust out another 12 hour shift tomorrow. Then I'm free and clear for the weekend to clean and take care of other things. Aye yae yae.

I need to get a Crazy Cutter and a Glass Mat from Archiver's for favors and those things are not inexpensive. Β  I wish I had a coupon. ;)