Looking Up

into the blue Tomorrow is the first day of spring and you know I'm happy. Bring it on! The longer days and more sunshine is just a reminder that the big day is coming soon. There is still so much to do. Invitations, escort cards (trying to design them and it's driving me bonkers), and finalizing things all over the place. This is the third week I have worked over seven hours of OT. Tired all the time. Thank God the weekend will be here soon. Lately we've been living for the weekends more than usual. I didn't feel like cooking or having salad for dinner so I stopped by Taco Bell and had a burrito kid's meal. Now it sits in my stomach like a brick. I need to remember not to do that again.

I've never been so excited for what the future will bring. Seeing all our friends and family and a long list of firsts together.

Things are looking up.