End of Winter

end of winter In exactly three months, we will be married.

I thought I would be posting more here about everything that's going on. But what to tell? What not to tell? There will definitely be pics after, but during I want little surprises here and there. So no telling everyone out there. For now.

Things are crazy at work, but it's nice to be busy and be making a difference. Due to all the work lately, we have had overtime for the past two weeks and in that time I've worked 17 hours of OT. Yup, I'm nuts. But I had to get it while it was available.

I've been focusing on eating even better and stepping up my work outs. I got Buff Brides and Small Changes, Big Results. Buff Brides is no joke and I'll keep doing it after the wedding, there are great workouts in it. I'm in love with free weights!

Oh yea, and I'm accident prone lately.  I was getting out of the shower the other night and I kick my legs to shake the water off.  Well I had one foot out, kicked with the other one and kicked the soap dish.  I have the biggest bruise on the top of my foot but it doesn't hurt.  It's just a little tender.  I can still work out, it's all good.

Ahh, three months! Holy crap.