funny valentine My skin is freaking out and I don't know what to do about it.  Eliminating things bit by bit over here.  Is it the Aveda brush?  The MAC powder?  It's all about blush and mascara to give my skin a rest.

Raul is feeling better and I got over the food poisoning much quicker than he got over the flu.  That flu is a sneaky evil little thing.  The weekend before last we had to cancel going to fittings and all that because we were both sick.  Then I was supposed to meet up with Jo last Saturday and she had the flu too.  I had just talked to her Friday night and she was fine.  It's all about the Method wipes for me.  I've never sanitized so much in my life.

Nothing makes my palms sweat more than a Wordpress update and now it's time for another one.  Wish me luck.

*Aren't these roses gorgeous?  I can't believe they're still hanging in there after six days.  Stunning.  They remind me of the roses from the Beauty and the Beast.