Day O' Love

day o' love

I'm early. :) But I wanted to put up a little something for the occasion. Over the years I've changed my point of view on Valentine's Day and have learned to embrace it. It's a cute reminder to do what you should be doing all year long. Showing love. Be it for your hubby, pooch, parents, products, etc.

Here are some things I am loving right now:

Time to work out. It's time for myself and I cherish it.

Essie Nail Products - To Dry For top coat and Sole Mate nail polish. The toes are looking cute in this deep and dark wine color.

Project Runway - I love to watch the designers work

Pepperclipp - I love this girl's photography. She's only 20 years old. Amazing.

So show some love and add your faves to the list, whatever you love, share.

I'm desperately out of the loop.