Good News


I got a new job! For the same company but still, a move up and I'm excited. This year is definitely about change, everything is going to be different. So I went out to get work clothes since there will be no more wearing of jeans at work.  J.Crew is the best.

I don't mind, thanks to all of the What Not To Wear episodes I've watched, I just kept trying until I found pieces I love and that fit just right. It's not your body ladies, it's the clothes! :) I did not come home with a crisp white button down shirt, too much of a commitment. How do you keep it from getting dingy?? Another time.

Lately the wedding plans have sped up but we're keeping on track.  I'm so blessed to have an awesome partner through this.  It's wonderful planning our future together and the wedding as well.  On Friday I get to check out flowers in person, I've been anxiously waiting for this part.  So cool.

*these were the chimes outside of Raul's sister's house.