Living the Dream

Crossed Have you ever walked into someone's life and thought, "You're living my dream! I could totally do this!!". Your answer has to be yes because I think that's how goals are put in place. At least that's how mine grow.

Over the course of planning the wedding I've been asked, "You aren't doing that yourself??". This has been asked about invitations the most and even though I'd love to do it, I just wasn't ready to deal with it if I screwed up. It's so much safer to have the option of someone else taking responsibility and the safety net of a refund or something like that if things went wrong. Safe, safe, safe.

But I can see myself doing it soon. I have my freelance gig going strong but as far as me just doing that full time, not quite there yet. So when Raul and I went to our invitation appointment I automatically thought to myself, "This is my dream." The business is home based, she works in her huge basement with nothing but designs and such. One job and one job only. Meeting with clients.

We walked out of there and the first thing Raul said was, "You need to be doing that, you could so do that."

Maybe I will one day. I'm getting closer to my dream, whatever form that may be.