Tattoo Envy

tall glass There was a hairstylist, Minika, at my old salon and her tattoo was sick. Delicate vines flowing down her arm with blossoms here and there. I think even a hummingbird was in there too, not sure. If I were to get one it would be in the same style as hers. Oh, and my bestfriend in high school had a son who was the third so she had a no. 3 tatted on her lower back in a Japanese brush style.

Some tats look so good. Bright, vibrant and witty. So well done that I can't believe it's ink in someone's skin and not an intricate pencil drawing on bristol board. My favorite tattoo artist is Garver from Miami Ink, he's the best.

But I'll probably never get one. I am the biggest pansie ever so pain is out and I change my mind all the time. Having a statement permanently becoming part of my body just isn't in the stars. I do love them though and watching tattoo artists do their thing is even better.

I. Love. Tattoos. If you've got em, let me see em.