Made for Walkin'

the mystic They are in countless catalogs. Tall lanky models sport them with perfectly layered outfits. My little five foot three self has wanted some forever.

Tall riding boots. I've thought about so many ways to wear them and then I would think they were too expensive. No way was I daring enough to switch up my style that much. Men will never understand, a woman can never have enough shoes. So I went out with Jo on Saturday to do some pre-biggest-shopping-day-ever-shopping. We tried on boots everywhere from JCPenny to Nordstroms. Everywhere. Then I found them at Macys. Forty percent off cuties that would go great with shirt dresses and under jeans.

I couldn't say no and I rocked them today. Now to find some tights and dresses.


Too cute right? Right!


Oh, and I think I found my wedding shoes too.ย  It was a very good shopping day.