Acid Sucks

insert title here Turning my back on tomato sauce.

Acid in general, orange juice gets my back too. I have been sick since yesterday because I had a little bite. Lately it's just too acidic for me but if I knew that a teeny tiny bite of a meatball grinder and a few dips of bread into marinara would leave me wanting to be hunched over for almost 24 hours...

I wouldn't have done it. (Love that run-on sentence?) hmph.

Plus, I have no internet. I went to check the weather online this morning and noticed there was no connection. Then I checked the dial tone and there was no dial tone either. So after a call to customer service, I have a trouble call scheduled for tomorrow. I'm typing my entry from Panera since they have free wi-fi (and awesome Baked Potato soup) and I'm in this NaBloPoMo to win this time.

Eye of the tiger.

On a better note, my dress came in yesterday. It's perfect. Still needs minor alterations, but it's perfect.