Knitting Again?


I'm getting the urge to be crafty again and this is not the time.

I used to be heavily into knitting. Selling my knitted items helped me get the camera I own now. I used to religiously follow sites like Knitty, Brooklyn Tweed and fluffa. Now I just pop in and peek every now and then.

Jay, my friend who is organizing the photography meetups, is using So I was curious to see if there were any knitting groups on there since it seems the groups I once knew disbanned. Quickly I saw there was one on Wednesday but I was too chicken to go. Motorcycle Diaries beat out the knitting group and I have so much yarn in my stash, it's not even funny.

So whenever I do start a knitting project again, I have to use that yarn or my stash is just going to grow out of control and take over my place. It's tempting with projects being posted all over the place like this Gumball Kitty.


This is the warmest November I can remember. It's wonderful, not complaining at all.