The Inner Sportsfan

stop I love to play all kinds of sports. I was a sprinter in high school. Watching them is the problem.

I am definitely not a sports fan and usually when the channel has been turned to sports, I silently tip toe into the other room. The biggest issue is football. Raul isn't a huge sports fan (thank God), but he does love him some New England Patriots, Avalanche, and the big games. I'm into the Superbowl and that's about it.

I've just never gotten into it. I'd love to at one point, it would be especially cool to play some Madden '07 one of these days.

So right now, Raul is watching this huge game (Patriots vs. The Colts) and I'm still in the room. I must love this man or something.

Are u a huge sportsfan? How do you survive if you're not?!

As for the meet up last night, it went well. I should have remembered to bring more business cards than just two. Next week we are shooting in an indoor studio setting with models (crossing your fingers). Which is completely foreign to me so I'm very interested.