photo friday - "fashion"

I tend to take a running start, spring off a diving board, curl into a ball, and make a huge canon ball with a matching splash into new things. Knitting is no exception.

I am addicted. I thought it was rare to find something worth knitting out there. Between books, magazines, and journals, I was dead wrong. There are SO many things I want to dive into. It's nuts. Right now I'm working on four secret projects. Top secret but they will be revealed later. I am going to make a wristband from my Stitch N Bitch (SNB) book, a booga bag with Noro #95 I bought yesterday, and I want to make the Skully sweater in my SNB book as well.


When I was in school I had no time to take pictures and when I did have time, the weather was crappy and everything was covered with snow or overcast. Nothing to take pictures of when there are branches and snow everywhere. So what do I do on Wednesday? I take pictures of my cubicle at work. I focused on macro images and it always amazes me how beautiful ordinary things can be. You just need to open your eyes. I can completely understand what tracey is talking about when she says her friends ask her questions or think she's weird for taking pictures of ordinary objects. It's just too beautiful not to.

sharing is caring- I surf baby, I get the job done. (woah, too much coffee)

this purse is cute. now i just need a sewing machine and funky fabric kean finished his latest comic beautiful silk screening via erica