Holy Crap

I don't remember ever being this busy. I'm basically never sitting down in one spot for long. When I was in school it was GO GO GO but wow. Right now it's talking to djs, florists, working at my full time job, photography, the book (I haven't forgotten, just really need to sit!), etc. I think the guy and I need to get a schedule where weekends are completely off limits or something because I am burnt out all the time. I wake up so tired and go to bed the same. I'm excited about so many things, life is beautiful right now. I'm such a bundle of joy right? Time off from work isn't going to happen until Thanksgiving and in December I'm taking half of the month off. I can't wait.

Usually I never do anything for Halloween. But this year a free lunch was on the line so my team dressed up as pirates and built a ship on the floor. It's awesome. I'll post a pic later. ;)

Have fun and be safe!


Spider Cakes - yum!