Wedding Inspiration

Hehe, yea Jo I know you are going to kill me but I had to share. Plus you look gorgeous in this picture! Today was the meeting with the florist. It went very well and I had gone through all of my magazines with color coded strip Post-Its to mark flowers. Pink is for flowers, green and yellow - ceremony and chapel, etc. This made it even easier to get right to the images. The first one is Jo in the bridesmaid dress. I just love that color and we both overlooked the dress and color. Thanks to my mom, she happened to keep looking at dresses and just had Jo humor us by trying it on. Wonderful color on her skin, she'll be so pretty in it.

Next are some flower ideas found on The Knot. I love that site and I'm just now getting into using the tools that make things so much easier. I'm almost at a point that you could call me organized? Maybe that is going too far. The appointment with the florist went well and I'm waiting to see everything printed and priced out. It's starting to come together and I'm getting help from the pros. I'm embracing the whole thing of letting people do what they are best at and running with it.

Unless doing what people do best is stealing and that brings me to my friend, SAJ. She posts photos from her life as well as illustrations and she just had an image stolen. At least she found out about it but someone made who knows how much money off of her image. So that brings me to the Alphabet Project. I love posting images here and getting feedback. I'm thinking that I need to be more protective and proactive so I'm either going to stop posting images here, only post a few images here, or post some images here with a watermark on them. I thought that making them small and at a screen resolution was enough but people don't care. They'll sell poor images with their name on it just to make money.

I think it is important to have dreams and goals and be extremely protective of them. When people just take things, it makes me shy and scared of sharing at all. I think that's what upsets me the most about the "artist" who took SAJ's work. He/she gave us all a great big reality check shake and I don't like it one bit.

Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement. You guys are wonderful friends.