Birthday Boy

I don't feel like writing a concise post. When do I ever? So let the randomness begin.

Trying to find jeans is the hardest thing ever and I am very close to giving up. Have any brands and styles you can tell me about? I like plain, dark jeans that make me look tall and lean. No rips, tears, or glitter on my butt please. This is getting harder and harder to find.

My guy had a birthday on Wednesday and I made him these cupcakes. They came out with a dip in the middle but were perfectly done and delicious. On top of baking for him, I took him out to eat at a steakhouse last night. This place was pricey but worth it and a pretty cool experience since we don't ever do anything like that. I'm talking entree is a separate price than the sides, salads, etc. But the best part had to be the creme brulee. Oh. My. God. The best. The steakhouse is Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and the steaks were great but the dessert made our jaws drop. This weekend is supposed to be a good one to go up in the mountains and check out the leaves changing so that will probably happen. And celebrating his birthday with family will probably happen too.

I want to see "Across the Universe" but it's not showing in Colorado. Even though the release date is today's date.

My shows started this week: Survivor China, The Office, CSI (Las Vegas), Dexter (FINALLY!!), Desperate Housewives, and Dancing with the Stars. My DVR and I are very happy.