My stomach is full of bubbles. I guess it's not a good idea to drink Coke at 7am. Ah well. I introduced my friend from work to La Ti Da last night. They hit it off. She was in love with the yarns, the set up, the atmosphere, and everything else. Everything was great until she leaned over to check out a black eyelash scarf that was tied to a floor lamp and the lamp fell down over her head. It was a multiple head lamp and I think one of the glass heads hit another glass head and broke. There were little pieces of frosted green glass everywhere. She's okay though, no big injuries at all. So after it was cleaned up we continued to oooo and ahhh over all of the yarn and patterns in books. I didn't know we were going there last night so I didn't have any of my projects with me. That was a very good thing because I didn't spend one dime! Yay me.

I did however get introduced to Rowan Wool Cotton and it feels like butta!

Unrelated: Courtney Cox and David Arquette named their baby girl Coco? That was the name of the gorilla who communicated with sign language in the 80s. :( Poor kid. via robot johnny

Crate and Barrel has a new store called CB2. via ljc - click around, original site, and i doubt you'll be disappointed. via a commenter on not martha