emergency Kids losing too many teeth at the same time could be a financial emergency.

Emergency was the theme for Illustration Friday this week and Missing was the theme last week but I was too slow. So I combined them. :)


My birthday was great. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I took some days off, had a wonderful massage, mani and a pedi. Saturday I got my friends together and we went out for sushi at Sushi Den. I don't know how to use chopsticks so I studied up with some tutorials online. What did I do before the internet? I found a good one and could my hold my own that night. After dinner we went to my friend O's friend's house who was having a shot party. There were shots coming from everywhere! A card game, shots in water gun pistols, jello shots, etc. Then after that we went to a lounge for some dancing and came home. Thirty is turning out to be alright.

Summer is almost over (sob) but the heat is getting unbearable. My car was packed with crappola so yesterday I cleaned it out and almost passed out. Now I won't be too embarassed to get my car professionally washed and vacuumed.

You know how awhile ago I was talking about my foot pain? The sports medicine doctor I was referred to wasn't available for six weeks so I had my appointment today. He looked at my feet, poked and prodded, then he said, "I have good news and bad news". The good news was that he had something that would help. The bad news, he would have to give me a shot in my foot. I freaked out because that's the pansie I am, but he did numb my foot at least. Then it was over. I hope and pray this works because foot pain is the worst. Three days and I should be fine.