I'm a basket case trying to round the girls up to go out for my birthday on Saturday. Technically my big 3-0 birthday is tomorrow and I took the day off. Friday too. Live it up right?! I'm excited to just chill out at home, then go the spa for an hour-long massage and a manicure. Both were a gift from R for Valentine's Day but I'm a punk so I'm finally using my gift now. Still debating if I should polish the nails or not. I'm a natural nails person.

Lately I am in a reflective mood all the time and I'm not positive what has sprung this on. My birthday? The wedding? A combo? Probably so. My mojo is so undependable and leaves me wondering why as well. I got As in school for art and such people. Why do I have to be given a theme on Illustration Friday (99 percent of the time) to create something? I love where I am right now, life is great. Beyond great for many reasons. I'm where I want to be, graduated, experienced what it means to love me first before committing to another, etc. I told my friend today, "I don't think you're ever going to feel completely happy where you are". I'm not sure if I believe that.

Ugh! Brain stop thinking and just enjoy your special day. Goodness.