I Miss You

I think I'm over the MTV Movie Awards. I watched it and felt old. Not in the sense that I didn't know half of the people on the show, but in the sense that it wasn't entertaining. I felt like I was watching the Kid's Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. That got me thinking about shows that I miss, so here they are

American Gladiators - FOX I think (woah, 1989-1997??) - it was silly towards the end but I enjoyed seeing a stock broker by day, American Gladiator contestant by night. It was nice to see regular people bulk up and compete in challenges against gladiators like Nitro and Turbo.

Liquid Television - MTV - showing a collection animated shorts by different artists. They should bring this back. Aeon Flux, The Head, Beavis and Butthead (this is where they premiered), etc. Just don't bring back Dog Boy. Ever.

Project Greenlight - HBO - a show by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon where writers compete to have their script made into a movie with a budget of a million dollars. I would have liked them to show the movie on HBO when it was finished. We don't have Sundance film festivals out here so it's disappointing to watch the making of the film and never get to see the finished product. Maybe they are on dvd/vhs.

Modern Masters - HGTV - I'm not sure if this show is cancelled or not but per the site, it's not "airing at the moment".

"Each episode of Modern Masters takes viewers to workshops around the country to observe master craftsmen and women demonstrating their trades, whether blacksmith or plaster caster, mural artist or potter. As the featured artisans bring stone, metal, glass and wood to life, they share their methods and their enjoyment of the results. Viewers gain insight, inspiration and confidence from watching the pros at work. "

This show was extremely interesting and focused on artists you wouldn't usually hear about. From intricate painters, to glass blowers, to wood carvers, etc. I hope it comes back.

What shows do you miss?