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Raul just came back today from Steamboat Springs. I wish I had gone but I knew I didn't have the loot. Going to Cali next week after all.

So he wasn't with us to cake taste. I haven't been back to tell you about the cake. Oh my God, the cake. My mom, Jo, and I went on our excited trip on Saturday. I had no idea how many flavors there would be and we tried them all. Here's a run through: amaretto, cookies and cream, strawberry champagne, rasberry chocolate truffle, godiva white chocolate, triple white, berries in a cloud, orange blossom, creme brulee, chocolate lover's, bailey's irish cream, chocolate caramel, toll house, carrot cake, and cherry.

Yea, we were crazy all right but it was so delish at first. Then I got into a sugar coma and could barely think straight while looking at all of the wedding cake picture albums. I bought two pastries from there before we left but I couldn't even think of taking a bite until the next day.

Cake tasting is fun but very dangerous. Proceed with caution.

Speaking of food, I have a secret to share. I love to work out in the gym at work to Food TV. I can't help it and I secretly love it when no one is there but me because I don't feel bad that someone might want to turn the channel. It's not like I'm physically baking cookies while working out, that would be just wrong. But watching it, not so bad. Today's work out made the third work out for the week and the second work out on the elliptical machine.

I daydream of having a home gym someday.


Thanks for the sweet comments. Illustration Friday is a fun place.