The Fourth

The Fourth was great.  More shots here.

I've learned my lesson so today I went out with Jo to check out reception sites, right after work.   Today was an unexpected blessing.  I wanted to set up appointments but I was at work so Jo did it for me yesterday.  We were all set to go to our 3 p.m. appointment today but we were running late so I called the coordinator to let her know and make sure she was going to be there.  She said she had plans at 3:30 p.m. and we wouldn't even be able to get there until that time.  When I told Jo, she said that she never told her that and she was snotty on the phone.  That's a red flag right there because I know my friend doesn't forget details like that.  When I told her what the coordinator said, she let me know it wasn't true and I believe her.

We went to the site anyway and checked it out since there were two wedding setups all set and ready.   I thought it was a little country in the photos because there are red barns, but they weren't so bad.  The tent set up that they had, trekking up the hill to the bathrooms, all rectangle tables, and paying extra for the dancefloor were turn offs.  There were other concerns about the pricing as well so we went inside to see if anyone else could answer some light questions.  No one could tell us more but the waitress told me to grab one of the magazines they had on display.  Jo and I started looking up other reception sites in the area and found a country club.  I thought it was going to be the biggest waste of time when I saw the outside and I was so glad to be wrong.  The site was awesome, menu and pricing made sense, round tables!  Plus it was set up for two weddings as well so it was even easier to visualize.

So, if the lady hadn't been rude and had an appointment, we never would have picked up the magazine and never would have seen this site.  What's meant to be will be and don't forget to breathe.

That's what I learned today.