My date was taken right from under me. I should have known someone would just snatch it up with June being over and all. But who books something without knowing the price? So far the only thing we've locked down is the chapel. Deposit is done, now it's all about saving. But the reception site, that's a different story.

We visited the site twice and kept corresponding because they were working on their new menu/pricing for next year. Very important detail. So when I called again to ask if a date has been finalized since June 1 came and went, and then June 15 and now the date is gone.

Things are back in overdrive mode, scheduling appointments at reception sites, running over there right after work. Trying not to forget important questions. Raul is pretty awesome though, he's tired and grumbles just like me, but he's there. Last minute today I made an appointment downtown and he came with me to check it out. We both agreed to keep looking, that one wasn't the one. Since we are running around like crazy, no art walk tomorrow. Which I'm cool with, I am SO tired. I worked on the holiday so today feels like Saturday and tomorrow will feel like Sunday.

We did have a great holiday though. Went straight to my parents' where they had steaks, grilled chicken, potato salad, cookies and cream pie for dessert, etc. I wish I could cook like my mom. Give me a recipe and I'm all about it but seriously, every single item of food she makes could stand on its own with a side salad.

I'm going to try the Cali trip again and this time I'm not visiting family. Everyone is doing their own thing and I just had to book the trip and get it over with. Eager to take pics of San Diego, touch the sand and beach with my toes and just enjoy. Johanna is going out there for her friend's wedding so we'll hook up too, only three days and two nights but it will be jam packed.


How are the changes looking for you? Let me know or just say something, anything. I need, I need. lol.