Photo Friday and Baby Tank

This is my two day late submission for photo friday's Journey theme. A page for photofriday submissions has been added to the photography page. Hopefully I'll keep up with it and submit every week. I'm still working on the Q&A project over at The questions are hard to answer photographically. At least they are for me.

It's blazing hot over here but I would choose the hot sun over the freezing cold snow anyday. It's my west coast blood showing it's big grin. So far this has been a weekend for getting things done but still being very lazy. I bought cookie dough a week ago and still haven't had any cookies because I was too lazy to buy milk. See the laziness I'm talking about? I did get my butt up and get some groceries, including milk, so I'm set. I've been spending the rest of my spare time cleaning up and knitting.

I'm still working on the baby tank for my friend's baby. Here's a picture of my progress. It's a little conservative tank but I think it will be adorable matched with some white fluffy diapers and chubby arms and legs.


I actually wore my poncho today. It's 92 degrees and it didn't feel heavy or hot at all. Lightweight and soft. I love Rowan Calmer and I can't wait to make something else with it soon.

Another thing I'm working on is a present for Father's Day but I can't post it here or I'll spoil the surprise. I'm sure of it.

Time to bake cookies. How was your weekend?