Mama Day

Mother's Day card for my mom

Happy Mother's Day! Today was beautiful. There was BBQ, I baked cupcakes and both of our families met for the first time. It was awesome and I couldn't ask for more. Everyone just clicked. I baked the red velvet Sprinkles cupcake mix from Williams Sonoma. I've heard nothing but good things about them and there aren't any stores out here so I tried it out. So good, I never had red velvet before and now I have all of this cream cheese frosting left over. Yum.

On Friday, I finally got to tell my hairstylist the good news. We usually dish about this and that and I knew she would be so excited. It sucks that I had to wait almost a month to tell her, we talk about girlie stuff and relationship stuff all the time. I tried to stay all aloof and not act any different but when she put my smock on and I sat in the chair, she noticed the bling in the mirror, lol. I just wanted her to notice herself just like I did when she got engaged almost two years ago.  We hugged and laughed, she's such a trip and fun to talk to.

This weekend was pretty awesome. Hot, but hella awesome.

Cupcake evidence below:


I love the Silversun Pickups and I'm always humming Lazy Eye.