Love Bot

love bot This is how I feel. All pink and light as a feather, smiles and spinning.

Makes me calm down a bit about dropping my laptop earlier this week. I screamed my head off when I was editing photos on my laptop at work and the charger cord pulled it right off the desk. Einstein (my laptop) is looking much better now and I'm waiting for the top to come in so I can have it replaced. One of my friends works at the new apple store, thank God.

Anywho, anyone that knows me knows I'm not a planner. I don't plan parties or get togethers, I just attend. So planning this wedding is interesting. It's full of uncharted territory and I'm learning that I am one opinionated person. I thought I was just a go with the flow type when I thought about weddings. This girl was not the girl who had her whole wedding planned out from top to bottom. So far I've tried on dresses, called photographers, and marked venues in my magazines. My best friend Jo said yes to being my maid of honor and my mom has been by my side to check out dresses.

I'm having fun. Definitely having fun. :)

Oh and did I mention that my girl Jo is a mini drill sergeant?!  She rocks though.  We've been walking three to four miles almost every day right after I get off work.  Gots to get toned mang.


I'm so glad you guys love the site and thank you for the congrats!!!