After all of that reading up on html and css, then trying to figure out Wordpress, I needed some time away from this place. So here I am, back to updating here with tidbits of my life.

So who is Raul and why was he never mentioned? Well, he kind of couldn't be. You see, we work together. Closely. As in cubicle to cubicle with a teeny wall between. From the beginning when we went on a date to see Sin City, I wanted to keep business and personal as separate as possible. People from work check out my site, etc, etc. But there were hints on here along the way. Friend this, friend that. You get the picture.

Last Tuesday was scary but awesome at the same time when we told everyone in person that we were engaged, the cat was finally out of the bag for good. Sure, tons already "knew", but it made all the difference in the world.

So friends, Raul.

Raul, friends. :)


I just finished uploading all of the trip pics. It was a beautiful trip.