6 Weird Things

6 weird things
I've been tagged! This never happens, and now it happens twice. Werd up.

1. I am particular about my food. I have to see it while I’m eating and I like it to stay pretty. If it was presented a certain way, I like to keep it that way until I’m done. For instance if ice cream is on top of the slice of cake, I’ll cut through the ice cream and cake until it topples over, not just kick it to the side.

2. Another food thing, I save the best for last always. So that old tale about “if she gives you the last bite, she loves you”. That’s not me, I always eat the last bite, but you can have the second to last one :)

3. I hate eating fast food inside of a fast food place. I always go through the drive through and eat in my car if I can help it.

4. Instead of watching whole movies, I’ll just want to see a scene. The other day I watched Fools Rush In, just to the point of Matthew Perry meeting Salma Hayek’s family. Or Braveheart just to the part where he’s secretly marrying his wife in the woods.

5. When I have plans to go on a vacation, that’s when I clean my place the best. Something about competing with the hotel room, it’s so neat there that I want to come back to a place equally as nice.

6. I can’t sleep without socks on.

Oh yea, and if you read this, consider yourself tagged too!