Lost: Crochet Hooks

About two or three years ago, a friend at work was my secret santa and she bought me crochet needles along with a booklet of patterns. I can't find the needles or the booklet so I went looking in all of the easy places first. I ended up cleaning out my office and STILL can't find the hooks. :( It's a trip what you learn about yourself. Learn something new everyday. Things I've learned from cleaning out my office closet:

You need to let go of your beanie babies It feels good to know that good music existed at one time (ie. love jones soundtrack....if you don't know, now you know) (I found my Crazy.Sexy.Cool. cd too.) You need to let go of the boxes EVERYTHING you bought came in. Oh my God!! When it is 93 degrees in your home, you shouldn't be cleaning out anything Label every box CLEARLY when you move, don't rush because you'll pay for it later You're still not ready to let go of old notes passed in highschool. It's okay

time for bed. sweet dreams