Mrs. Clean

Man, the weather has got me down. I'm barely speaking over here and shooting has been pretty non-existent too. I just got done cleaning the house from top to bottom. Dusting. Check. Swiffer the floor. Check. Ahh, feels so nice. Used up most of my Saturday but it's okay. At least I accomplished something and with it being SO COLD outside, you have to make the inside look extra nice. Or you are guaranteed to go insane. Don't want that.

I know I keep complaining about the cold but I just can't help it. My knuckles were getting so rough, oh my goodness. I bought some Eucerin ultra hand lotion and they are getting closer to being silky hands instead of crazy ogre knuckles. They were bad!

Last night I went out for a romantic dinner to cash in a Christmas gift. Isn't that nice? I'll have to remember giving someone a night out is an excellent gift. This was my second time to Gumbo's and it was so good. I had what I had last time, Sweet Potato Catfish, delish. About an hour in I was getting so sleepy though. Saturdays are my days to stay up past 9 p.m. Weekdays, especially Fridays, are pushing it.

Nothing left on the agenda but hanging out, drawing, working on a knitted gift, and watching football. I'm not a big fan at all, just glad that football season is almost over. Woo hoo!