Delurk Already

Word on the street is it's National Delurking Week so make yourself known. Tip toe out of the darkness to say hello. I'd really like to meet ya. After 10 days into the new year, I went and worked out. I did it! It was a long break, I think my last work out was December 30 or something like that. I can only blame the weather so much. So I did it, almost three miles in 45 minutes which is very good for me. I'm proud and my thighs and butt muscles are the good kind of sore. Feels good to make exercise a priority again.

The inner gamer in me has returned and it's fun. I hadn't been playing the XBOX so much without feeling guilty about not getting real stuff done. But if I finish paying the bills, handling adult business, I can play to my heart's content without an ounce of that hovering guilt. So far I've beaten Tomb Raider, barely touched Quake 4, stuck in Kameo, getting farther all the time in Gears of War, and loving my most recent purchase of Viva Pinata. I am gaming big time. My free trial of XBOX Live is almost over so I'm trying to use it to the fullest.

Speaking of gaming, anyone that knows me knows I'm a techhead geek of a girl that always reads the manual first. I have had my cell phone for about five years and it shows. It sucked to use it, buttons sticking all the time, and recently people have been complaining about static. So it was time to cash in a Christmas gift and get a new cell phone.

It's a whole new world! Speakerphone. Widescreen. The graphics!!

Should have switched a long time ago.