Turtle Cake

turtle cake
I do my best to make huge sweets for the holidays. That's the best time to do it! So New Year's was no different. I found a recipe for turtle cake and it turned out so good and moist. Everything was from scratch except for the caramel that's drizzled on top.

Toasted pecans, caramel, homemade chocolate frosting, and chocolate cake with coffee inside.

Got rave reviews ;)

Today is the first day of 2007 and I have been ultra lazy. Loving every moment of it. Tomorrow it will all be over and back to work I go.

I was reminiscing about 2006 and a lot went down! Hauling butt through college to graduate on Mother's Day. Trip to Vegas in January. First wedding shoot in June. First friend from high school wedding. Trip to D.C. in August. Last year of my twenties. Bought the 50mm f1.4. First family photo shoot. First solo exhibit.


I hope all of you (five at most reading?) had a wonderful and safe New Year's.

I know I did.