Day 2

snow days
It is so friggin awesome to be off work. I'm stuck inside and the snow has barely stopped. I took pics and uploaded them on flickr. Amazing amounts of snow. So far I have three presents done and under my teeny tiny Christmas tree. I made a dutch pancake today and it wasn't good at all. I had been wanting to make one for so long! One thing that is good is the panini sandwich Lean Cuisine makes. Delicious!

Time to get started on baking and filling up cookie tins. Chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars are on the list.

Am I the only one that can't believe Monday is Christmas? This year flew by so quickly.

**** Oh yea, I have a tip to share. I had some candles lit last night and I look over and see a puddle of wax on the carpet. Not knowing what to do, I googled up ways to remove the wax. The way that I tried and worked for me was using a paper towel and ironing on top of the wax, through the paper towel. The iron is on the lowest setting and it soaks up the wax. I got most of it up with a dull knife but the extra bits, I used the paper towel and iron. Worked like a charm. Thank goodness I have beige carpet and the candle was peach.

If it was red, I'd still be sad right now.