Project #3,807

It happened again. I'm leaving my house, I step outside and not only is there snow on the ground, it's whipping around everywhere. Of course I'm not wearing a hoodie but the hair must be protected. So I run back in and grab any sweater/top I can find, drape it over my head, and out the door I go.

I think it's time for a Clapotis. I want something soft and cuddly. Although I like the colorways of Noro, it might be a bit scratchy? It does depend on the kind of Noro though....maybe Koigu. A blizzard is threatening to come and really do some dumping on Tuesday.

Yea, it's definitely time for a Clapotis.

**** I love how when you search, you never know what else you will find. Like this, love the color and a whole Flickr group!