Fight for Your Right parrrrrtttyyyy! Last night was the work Christmas party over at the Wildlife Experience. I am so tired, it's hard having a party on a Tuesday. The Wildlife Experience is mainly for kids, they have an IMAX theater, a few exhibits (I learned more about bats than someone ever should, ugly suckas), and a huge banquet area with tons of food. The original plan was for a cash bar which could be interesting because last year, people got sloppy drunk. It can be entertaining! But this time they changed it at the last minute to no cash bar, two tickets each. There were at least one or two loud mouths but that was about it. Overall the food was great and I had a good time. Since you can bring one guest, I brought Jo. We used to work together so she knew more people than I did and we just laughed and talked all night.

At the end of the night there was a dolphin IMAX movie so I had to stay for that. Turns out, it was the same movie from last year when the party was at the Museum of Nature and Science. Still awesome, dolphins kick butt. One of my dreams is to swim with dolphins, maybe in crystal clear tropical water.

Now I'm off to daydream.

**** Christmas planning is going smoothly. I stopped by Hobby Lobby yesterday and everything I bought was on sale or I used a coupon. My mama would be so proud! Must remember craft stores in the future.

**** Oh yea! I am about to bake my butt off so I need your help. If you have any awesome cookie recipes that are seriously delicious, can you post them here? I don't want any grandmas or moms getting mad because the secret is out, but I am in need of some scrumptious cookie recipes!